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PROJECT 1: Support Orphans

1. Leah's Kids supports orphans at the Casa Angelina orphanage in the hills of Guatemala. We support 2 homes there, Leah's House and Harvest House, each with 15 orphans and a set of house parents. We help provide food, clothing, education, tutors, and medical care of those living in each home. Casa Angelina is a 15 acre orphanage complex with 12 homes for orphans, a Christian school, a medical clinic, a feeding center, an aquaponics building, and soon a church. Each home costs $3500 per month for full support of all of the kids that live in the home.


PROJECT 2: Support Widows

2. Leah's Kids supports widows and their children living in cornstalk and mud huts by building them block homes with a bed, simple furniture, and a stove to heat the home and cook safely with a chimney. Most homes have no means to get the smoke out of the home and they cook over wood every day. Many of the widows and kids have slept on dirt floors most of their lives. These block homes not only provide warmth from the elements, but also provide safety from predators of the widows and their children.


PROJECT 3: Support the poorest of poor in Guatemala

3. Leah's Kids helps support the poorest in Guatemala, a community that lives and works in an actual garbage dump. We are helping to build a malnutrition clinic to help those who are severely malnourished and dying. We work with an organization called BuildinGuate that supports the local school, helps pay for teachers, helps the older kids attend a near-by high school (no one in the community has ever gone to high school and this year they have 11 kids attending). BuildinGuate also provides soup kitchens weekly, medical clinics, bible studies, builds homes to get the families out of the dump, and many other awesome things for these underprivileged people.

Village 1.jpg

Project 4: Villages in remote northern Guatemala

These villages in very remote northern Guatemala have very little resources, jobs, and ability to grow crops. The villages are in mountainous areas that are difficult to access. Leah's Kids (through our friend, Alejandro) supports with food, clothing, and bringing the good news to these villages.


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