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Leah's Kids is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was started by Chad and Jodie Larson in 2009 in honor of Chad's great aunt, Leah Vargason, who was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. She was an amazing woman who was an orphan herself (her father died when she was very young and she went to live with her grandmother). She was passionate about children and became a school teacher but could not have any children of her own. It is a huge honor of Leah's Kids to be supporting a home for 15+ orphans in Leah's Name (that home is called Leah's House at Casa Angelina Orphanage in Guatemala).  Leah's Kids is committed to sending 100% of donations directly to Guatemala to help the orphans, widows and poor. All expenses for day-to-day operations of the non-profit organization are paid for by Leah's Kids Board Members.

Leah's Kids has 7 Board Members: Liz Hofer, Joel Ingle, Chad and Jodie Larson, Deb Nelson, Michelle Simpson, and Tom Tornow. We meet quarterly to discuss the most effective way to impact the poor in Guatemala. Leah's Kids is based in Wentworth, SD.

Leah's House above at Casa Angelina Orphange

Chad and Jodie Larson dedicating Leah's House in 2012

Children in a typical village in Guatemala.

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