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Come to Guatemala with us to do  painting, building homes for widows, construction at Land of Hope, and many other projects to help widows, orphans, and the poor. No special talents are necessary...just a willing heart to help those less fortunate than ourselves! It is extremely rewarding to help people who can never repay you. And God will reward you for giving of your time, talents, and resources to help His people!

Dentists, doctors, nurses, optometrists, and any other medical professionals are needed to help the kids and people of Guatemala.  We take health professionals on our teams and do whatever medical care we can during the week to help those with medical needs. We also take any medical donations of any kind to stock the medical clinics at Casa Angelina and Land of Hope (unfortunately expired medications cannot be accepted due to government regulations in Guatemala).

Most of the people of Guatemala that we help have had very limited medical care, and they are extremely thankful for any help we can give them.

Go on a trip with us and be able to meet the children and people you are supporting. The children at Casa Angelina orphanage are placed there through the court system, and some of them go back to family members, but most of the kids will be there when you return on another trip. They love seeing familiar faces, and it shows them they are valued and loved. It means a lot to the people to have us come to their country and love on them, showing them the love of God with our actions and hugs. The kids are supported as long as they wish to remain at the orphanage, and if they wish to do higher education they are supported in that. There are several kids who are currently in college/university. Casa Angelina orphanage's philosophy is to educate the kids, and break the cycle of poverty, so the kids can go out and change their country.


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